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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Healthy ice-cream ?! ;

For all the ice-cream lovers out there,
im sure you've heard the phrase "i wish i could have icecream for breakfast"
right ?
Well, heres a healthy breakfast ice-cream !
My Frozen Banana with Yogurt & Cereal
& since today is national pancake day,
heres my link to my Vanilla Pancake Recipe.
My Frozen Bananas !
These were delicious!
Naturally sweet from the yogurt & fruit.
and a fun way to have my breakfast~
First Steps
Recipe ;
- 1 banana (cut in half)
- 2 lollipop sticks
- 1 cup of yogurt (any flavor)
- 1 cup of cereal (your choice)
Carefully insert the lollipop stick into the banana halfway.
With a spoon, gently & evenly spread your yogurt over the 
banana completely. Sprinkle or Roll your banana over
cereal pieces. & Place in freezer for 20 mins.
Enjoy your guilt-less ice-cream breakfast!
Rainbow Fruitloop-sicle.
i used 3 different types of cereal;
Fruitloops, Lucky Charms, & Honey Nut Cheerios.
My little brothers love Fruitloops & Lucky Charms cereal,
while my parents enjoy Cheerios. 
Making a Stand
This step isnt necessary, but instead of
freezing them on a plate, i had some
styrofoam lying around from making
Gingerbread & Cake Lollipops
last Christmas, so i used this to keep my
bananas upright.
Frozen Bananas
Here they are, 20 minutes later, completely frozen.
Yum !
30 Seconds Before it Disappeared
i managed to take 1 more picture before these babies
were devoured.
Breakfast Frozen Treats? A SUCESS !


  1. I love this idea and how cute your 'ice cream' look...!!

  2. An ice cream so yummy and healthy... Have a nice month!!!

  3. Wonderful, colorful fun! I'm in love with the Rainbow Fruitloop-sicle :D!!

  4. This is a fantastic idea for a healthy snack for the kiddies as well. Thanks!

  5. Oh My! What a healthy innovative idea, these are just amazing, love this idea.

  6. cool and cute lovely presentation

  7. looks amazing steph! I'm actually eating a banana right now lol.
    Will definitely try this, though i dont think it'll taste good with wheaties. maybe chex? :)

  8. I'm sure any cereal will go great with this, the yogurt and banana would add their own natural sweetness, tiffy (:

  9. super cute, i'd eat it for the cuteness regardless whether it's healthy or not! :)

  10. creativity thy name is stef! a great idea for healthy breakfast. keep the foods coming :)

    ~ K

  11. Quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THESE! Tweeting it for sure!

  12. Thank you all, for the compliments! (:
    & @Min , i think id eat them too regardless whether theyre healthy or not, haha!

    @ Design Wine & Dine, awww thank you! theyre quite addicting too

  13. This is super cute..very lovely...my kiddo will be definitely pleased with this.

  14. Oh my the grand kiddos will love these!! They look so pretty too. You do a great job on your photos!!!

  15. What a great idea! I love the flavor of frozen bananas.


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