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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Green-tea Panna cotta ;

it feels like its been forever since my latest blog entry,
ive been so caught up with friends, movies &  work, i guess i either got too tried or lazy to write a blog entry. (im sure you've all gone through a point like that, one time or another.)
Anyway! im glad to be back with a delicious new recipe; Green-tea Panna cotta !
it took me about 2 tries to get it right, the first batch came out too watery / creamy, when it was suppose to have a similar consistency to mousse or like flan .. ? i realized my mistake on that was the lack of gelatin. i was reading a basic recipe for "pannacotta" online, and it said to add 1 1/2 tbs of gelatin, but when it didnt "gel" i looked at my package of gelatin & i guess it just needed more.
On my box package it said 1 packet of gelatin for 1 cup of liquid. *facepalm*. i should of read the box first. 
My mistake; it happens !
Anyway, although i didnt add 1 whole package to the cream, (because i wasnt looking for a Jell-o consistency); i added half for each cup, and it came out wonderfully, so just remember to READ the PACKAGE first before using! haha.

Now before i post the pictures, i want to say... 
whether its just plain tea itself, ice cream, mochi, cakes, cookies, whip cream, custard, green-tea infused drinks; such as boba/tapioca drinks.
(i always get the Passion-fruit Green-tea's in tea stores) yum yum!
i recommend heading over to your nearest asian store RIGHT NOW and buy green tea mochi icecream !
Actually, ive seen them selling these in local American markets as well, theyre getting very popular~
so give that a try the next time youre in the freezer section of your nearest grocery store!
they come in a variety of flavors; vanilla, chocolate (yummy), strawberry, & green-tea (my favorite).

Is anyone else a die-hard fan of certain flavors?
Chocolate-addicts perharps?

Honey Vanilla Panna cotta w/ Green-tea Topping
Recipe ;
- 3 cups whipping cream
- 1 tsp vanilla extract
- pinch of salt
- 1/3 cup Honey
- unflavored gelatin
- 1/4 cup honey or sugar
- 1/2 cup whipping cream
- 2 tbs green tea powder
- whip cream (optional)
- raspberries (optional)
For the Pannacotta portion; 
Combine the cream, vanilla, salt, & honey in a
large pan, heat on low heat until warm, then
add gelatin (according to box instructions, i used
1/2 a serving package, others might require a few tbs).
Mix thoroughly until gelatin is completely dissolved. 
pour into individual serving cups or bowl & refrigerate,
until "gelled".
For the Topping ;
In a mixing bowl, combine first 3 ingredients &
whip until fluffy. (the end result should be slightly
bitter from the tea, yet sweet from the cream & honey.)
Add a large spoonful of topping onto each serving cup,
add a dollop of whip cream, & top off with a raspberry.
A Perfect Single Serving
isnt it pretty?


  1. My sweet Steph this panacotta is so yummyyyy! Your photo is also marvellous!!! Wowwww!!! I'll try to make it tomorrow cause I liked it very much!!!

  2. Looks beautiful and vibrant! I would like to try some green tea panna cotta too!

  3. Beautiful green...interesting recipe!

  4. I just love a good panna cotta, and what a beautiful color yours is! Well done :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  5. Me too! I love anything that's green-tea flavoured! This I must make! Soon~ I love the green and white contract you created :)

  6. Beautiful Colour..the first picture is so amazing...I too love green tea flavour.

  7. It's not pretty..it's down right BEAUTIFUL! What a fabulous recipe and photos that all remind me of spring! As far as flavors I love...well there are many but almond, vanilla, pistachio all come to mind! :) XO

  8. wow....what an interesting recipe dear ! very innovative !

  9. Wow!!! that dessert seems like art, the photoes... and the taste!!
    Thank u about this amazing creat!!
    kisses from Greece, Eva!

  10. I love that color- what a fun idea!

  11. Wow... what a beautiful and tasty treat that is!
    Can't get over that beautiful green color..

    US Masala

  12. The green color is simply stunning Stephanie! If the taste was half as good then your pannacotta was a hit!

  13. Thanks for stopping by and your wonderful comments dear !

  14. WOW! Great color! They look delicious!

  15. Looks so colorful and refreshing, Stephanie! I have an uncontrollable weakness for creamy desserts;can't wait to try it!Enjoy your day!!

  16. As always this is GORGEOUS! I love green tea ice cream and I know I would LOVE this. Looks delicious and beautiful :-)

  17. wow!! love the deep green color...so beautiful to look at.. i cannot take my eyes off from the pic..only if i could have this after lunch.. sigh

  18. This looks so pretty! I love the bright green colour :D).

  19. Sometimes I feel the same, and i feel lazy to write. Love panacotta, the recipe is wonderful and the colors are amazing

  20. I haven't known what to do with my matcha green tea. I'm getting some ideas...

  21. I also enjoy everything green tea. THat Honey Vanilla Panna cotta w/ Green-tea Topping looks so pretty. :-)

  22. i like greet tea sweet treats but green tea panna-cotta, brilliant idea. Love it.
    thanks for sharing

  23. hey dear... I would love to share some awards with u...plz visit my space n collect it :-)

  24. Great color! This recipe looks amazing!

  25. panacotta is looking absolutely fantastic, smitten by its green color with white topping

  26. I love green tea flavoured things too! I went to China and bought a packet of green tea ice cream flavoured Oreo cookies and they were amazing :) I've never made panacotta before, I've always thought it too hard. But well done you, it looks really yummy! :)

  27. The color in this is just beautiful....you are an amazing cook,and your photos make me hungry =)


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