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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

National Pancake Week ;

i forgot to post pancakes for National Pancake Week,
so im posting a few pictures now.
i honestly dont like pancakes very much... im more of a Waffles kinda gal.
but i DO like french pancakes (Crepes) !
or, well.. in this case " Swedish Pancakes".
My step-father is a swedish man, and he doesnt enjoy pancakes much either,
especially when he has the option of having crepes instead.
So a typical Swedish pancake is a thin crepe-like pancake, & instead of adding syrups, fruit, or whipping cream, 
lingon berry Jam is used, with maybe a small scoop of vanilla ice-cream.
Swedish Pancakes
w/ Lingon Berry Jam & Vanilla Ice-cream
- 1 1/2 cup sifted all purpose flour
- 2 eggs
- 1 cup milk
- 1/4 cup sugar
- 3/4 cup water
- 2 tbs vanilla extract
- 1/4 tsp salt
- 2 tbs melted butter
- spoonful of lingon berry jam
- spoon ful of vanilla icecream
- powdered sugar to sprinkle (optional)
Combine the first 7 ingredients together, it should
be a watery batter. Add a little butter in your large
non-stick pan, (you dont want soggy pancakes)
over medium high heat, & Pour a ladle-full of batter.
Spread your batter by moving your pan in the air
to distribute the batter over the surface area.
Once it starts to crisp, flip it.
(The other side doesnt have to cook for long.)
Once both sides are browned, ENJOY ~
*Makes about 4-5 crepes

Swedish Pancake
w/ Lingon berry jam, Vanilla ice-cream & blueberries

i sent Kevin a container of home-made Chocolate Chip
Pancake Mix (his favorite). All he had to do was add
the liquid ingredients & cook.
Buuuut... he ended up mixing the batter for like 20 mins
to get "rid of the lumps" & ended up melting the chocolate
chips. HAHAHA ! oh hes so funny~
His first attempt at making pancakes !
(during national pancake week nonetheless)
Lets give him a hand!
(i personally think this looks more like a steak..)


  1. as shitty and evil as my pancakes looked, they still tasted good, dammit!

  2. This looks Delicious! Love the icecream with this recipe.

  3. Oooh! I missed the event too. Your pancakes looks very delish, sorry about Kevin's pancake.

  4. Happy Pancake Week. I actually love, love, love pancakes (a bit of a carb-aholic) but I have never made crepes before. I love them but have never ventured to try them, so thanks for sharing this recipe. Maybe a Sunday morning treat?!

  5. Lindsay, you should def. try making crepes.
    i find them easier to make than pancakes, and theyre a lot more fun to decorate & experiment with VS pancakes. (:

  6. I'd love to start my day out with those pancakes!

  7. I love pancakes..love this one too..great dish..lovely presentation.

  8. Yumm, looks delicious, although am not really that into pancakes although my son loves them with chocolate chips and loads of honey :)

  9. Your vanilla pancakes are DEEELISH! I've made them several times so I know I'll love these too.It's been years since I've had Crepes....this is a weekend "must fix"!!!
    Now since I've been gone for a while I'm going back to catch up on your other posts,LOVE your blog girl!!

  10. I could eat those pancakes any day my dear! very artistically presented :)

  11. Your crepes look to die for! Beautiful!!!! HIs on the other hand...well...not a so much! LOL! I'm still giving him a hand like you asked! :) A+ for effort!!!

  12. happy pancake week! Looks GREAT! yUMM!


  13. You have a new follower! :)

  14. Hi dear the pancake just look stunning. Love it totally and i am craving for some now. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving ur thoughts there. Here are the answers for ur question. I use Canon Rebel XSI and 18-55mm lens , i use to save my pictures as jpg and the photos which is displayed are photobucket links. Let me know if u need anyhelp, i will be happy to help you.


  15. I am not a pancake eater either, even though I wouldn't refuse it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream ;). But you'Re right, crepe and waffle are better :D)!

  16. what? It was national pancake week? I totally that...gah! Oh well Ive been eating my protein pancakes every day so I guess I celebrated without even knowing it! Your swedish pancakes look absolutely divine though. Wow!!

  17. Are to die for. Love your blog ,It makes me starv

  18. How I wish some for breakfast tomorrow..they look luscious!!

    Thanks for visiting me and regarding your question about the spices. I think the Persian market may carry some of the spices but you may not be able find some of the specialized ones..but I would say a trip down to it might be good to see what you can find :)

    US Masala

  19. sweet! this is making me hungry!

  20. Love this pancake/crepes! I'm a huge pancake fan but yours just looks wonderful, especially the colours of the 2nd last picture! And the ice cream is still in shape! ;)


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