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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Plateful of Sunshine ;

With the catastrophe going on in Japan, the world has seemed to have dimmed in color a bit..
parts of California has been affected by the Tsunami as well,
and im hearing about the major issues in Japan's Fukushima Neuclear Power Plants;
There is radiation that has been detected in Japan, and the radiation cloud could drift over here as well.
im in "coward mode" right now, and not looking up any more information on the topic,
i just want some color back into the world, or specifically, MY world.
Here are a few sparkling tid-bits of my life.
1.  ive been craving Mangoes & Strawberries like its nobodies buisness ! Atleast theyre very colorfully pretty & healthy right? Not to mention,  absolutely delicious !
Heart Shaped Pancakes with Mangoes & Strawberries.
check out my Vanilla Pancake Recipe by clicking
here .
eating a plate of sunshine to start your day really chases away
the gloom blues.
2. i have contributed a donation into the RED CROSS, to help aid Japan.
3. ive just recently been hired to work at Puma, the Athletic clothing store (with the helping hand of Brandon) and the thing thats so great about it, are my co-workers, theyre such happy, easy-going individuals. and better yet,  Puma  supplies me with FREE clothes & shoes, every.. season i believe? to keep up to date with their latest fashion, AND in addition to that, i also get a 60% discount on all store items! yay.
4. My baby Tomato & Strawberry plants are growing healthy & happily!
The Strawberry Plant
its finally showing fruit !
5 little green berries, can you see them?
i cant wait till they start turing a pretty ruby color  ~
5. & i wanted to specifically thank Kevins mother for a very generous & heart felt offer, & to let her know coco is actually completely useless in warning me with worldly catastrophes.. haha, but he says hello !
My Dog; Coco & His Squished Face
adorable, aint he?


  1. Everybody's heart goes out to the people of Japan..everybody does need lots and lots of colour in their life.
    The best thing we can do is donate and pray for them...really so nice that you already donated.
    BTW it's so cool to have free clothes and discounts from PUMA..i love their shoes.
    All the best for your new job.

  2. A great dose of colour for sure! Your dog is sooo adorable and congrats on your new job! :D

  3. I'm still very moved.Thank God never lived through an earthquake. In Chile, a neighboring country to Argentina,are closely similar situations. Congratulations on your new job

  4. That's really very sunny, lovely plate of food.

  5. Your plate is full of sunshine and spring!!! It is yummy!!! Congratulation!

  6. I thin the whole planet is shocked by everything that has happened in Japan. My thoughts are with those people who suffer the consequences. Beautiful colors Stephanie!

  7. Yes, some colour in the world would be great. It sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for, though. Your dog is delicious!

  8. it's surely a plate of sunshine ! so colorful....your creations always make me smile n thank u for that !

  9. Mangoes and strawberries sound like a delicious combo! And your dog is so cute...!

  10. Delicious and very happy ur blog n ur recipes!!
    Very nice try!!

  11. Cute looking pancakes and they go so well with fresh fruit.My 1st visit here.You have anuce space.

  12. We are all very shocked by the disaster that struck Japan!
    Congratulation on your new job! Coco is soooo cute!

  13. Thank you for your bits of sunshine! Those heart shaped pancakes are so adorable. YOU are a much needed little ray of sunshine in this world! I love all of your sweet comments.
    and...THANK YOU for the sweet award, and such nice words about my blog. You are a sweetheart! I ADORE your blog! xoxoxo

  14. first time here and toattly adored your blog

  15. oh I'm loving all the bright colors!

  16. Bless you for this post, I feel just awful for the Japanese. The pancakes with fruit is just perfect! **Big Hug** Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  17. Its really a very healthy sunshine! Lovely blog and beautiful recipes. Glad to have come here.

  18. Oh, I love this post so much! We can all use some more color in our lives right now for sure! Nice to get to know you better too!

    Also, just wanted to let you know I am having computer issues so sorry if I miss a post or two. I am hoping to get a new one soon - right now I am on a temporary one -:L

  19. An event like this can be so humbling. It is a rude awakening that our lives are so fragile so we must enjoy every passing moment... and what better way than a colorful bowl of fruit to lighten your spirits and taste buds alike. Simple and beautiful.

    US Masala

  20. Very sweet pot - To dwell on the positive, congrats on your new job and wish you well, you trend-setter you!:)
    Love the pancakes, fruits, the strawberry and tomato plants and that angelic sharped nosed Coco whose face you have held up for us to see:)

  21. That should've been post not pot :P

  22. Its really sad but I'm happy to see color in your blog! :-)

  23. O my gosh look at your dog!!! Too cute...those pancakes with the mango and strawberries look wonderful.

    Thanks for adding some color to my world too!

  24. Very adorable post! Coco included ;) Congrats on the discounts with Puma! And the fruitful plants, looks a like a great day overall for you :)


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