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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"American Classic" Breakfast ;

>> Before i begin with my food entry,
i would like to thank Chrysta  for the give away prize !
and Deepa Praveen for The Lovely Blog award !
Thank you both, for these gifts~
---  - - -  -  -     -    -      -        -      -    -
Now, i just started working at Puma, and i guess the morning shifts VS my sleeping schedule is really getting to me,
i normally stay up until 7am ! but work requires me to be AT work by 8:30am.
So, you can imagine how that would be difficult to adjust to, haha, but i noticed that having a big filling breakfast usually perks me up enough to get through the day.
i was in the mood for an "American Classic" breakfast; so thats exactly what i ended up making, with a side of fresh cut mangoes
(since im still craving for them like crazy).
But, unlike most health-cautious people, a protein shake just doesnt cut it for me, i need to feel crunchy, savory, hot, or spicy FOOD between my teeth to feel full & satisfied. its just how i am, anything otherwise sounds depressing .. haha.
A Huge Hearty Breakfast
gotta indulge once in a while right?

- 1 Slice of Toast, halved
- 1 Over-easy Egg Fried
- 2 Strips of Bacon
- 1 Sausage Pattie
- 1 Mango Sliced
Oh, and an update with my baby plants;
The Baby Tomato plant hasnt shown any signs of fruit yet, but it has shot up like a weed! its over a foot tall now, when it was only about 7 inches tall when i first bought it a couple weeks ago.
The Strawberry Plant however, is growing MORE fruit, & what was once green berries are now almost ready for picking, as blushing red berries. i cant wait !

Strawberry Plant
Tomato Plant

Oh, and another hobby i just got back into is Drawing, this time i drew my best friend, Tiffany.
Its an old picture of us, but its one of my favorites, it was right after we ate at Red Robbins a couple years ago, we grabbed a couple of their balloons that they always had floating around their restaurant,
as we left; and continued to walk around the shopping plaza, we were sucking the helium out of the balloons and talking to each other in chip-munk voices, cracking up at the ridiculous high pitched noises that were escaping our throats.

Me & Tiff
Ahh, Tiff, im sorry if this looks terrible,
im just starting to get back into drawing
so bear with me. haha
(atleast this looks better than my previous
drawing of Kevin, (post below.))
& a note to kevin's mom ;
he keeps telling me to shuuut up  :'(


  1. Steph, your breakfast looks AMAZING! I'm glad that it's energizing for you since I know your sleeping schedule lol. And your strawberries! SO CUTE! I can't wait for it to grow even more mmmmm! Also, our drawing is so awesome! It's also one of my favorite pictures hehe. Really miss your drawings and I'm so happy you're going back to it. I miss and love ya bestie! <3

  2. Good Morning! Stephanie, your breakfast is so yummy... but your strawberries and tomato plant are marvellous!!! Kisses from Greece!!

  3. she's lying! i only told her to shuut up ONCE!

  4. no ! how dare you LIE to YOUR mom !!
    you tell me shut up multiple times a day,
    ANDDDD you say it to COCO.
    how mean is that......
    what did he do to you?

    he shouldnt be saying bad words like that in the first place! :(

  5. whaaaaat?! i would NEVER... i love it when that dog barks! i don't feel comfortable if he's not angry and loud about something. she's so lying!

    ...how does it feel to have your pants CONSTANTLY on fire?!

  6. No !
    look how sad you made coco after you told him to SHUT UP!
    hes practically DEPRESSED with tears in his eyes!

    you monster.





  7. Congratulations on your awards , that's a perfect and very filling breakfast.

  8. I-HOP can take a hop:)that is a wholesome spread!

  9. I love the breakfast and allow me to tell Kevin not to tell you to shut up too. If his mother doesn't spank him do it yourself lol.

  10. I can't believe you've the time and energy to prepare this before getting work ;) It's amazingly gorgeous! I don't I'll ever be able to make half of it with my eyes half close, hehehe

  11. The breakfast almost looks like an English breakfast actually, I like the addition of mango slices, yummy...:D)!! And you're indeed an artist, look at that sketch drawing, wow!

  12. haha! Katerina, i will def. see to it that kevins gets spanked by one of us!

    & Tiff, im glad you liked it,
    i know its a little different from the original, but once i get better, ill re-do another ! (:
    love ya too <3 lets hang out again soon, ROAST CHICKEN ON THE MINDD AGAIN!

  13. wow steph....this breakfast looks very inviting...I would love to have some from your plate :-)n Congrats on your awards dear !

  14. Nice and hearty breakfast Stephanie,great to start your day!I,too,have a weakness for mangoes!SLURP!Great drawing too!HMMM,a multi-talented lady in our midst!!Hope you have fun in your new job!

  15. You are so welcome darlin. I hope you enjoy. Great looking breakfast too! I absolutely loved sliced mangos.Have a great day!

  16. Sometimes we all just need a breakfast like that! YUMMMM!!!!

    I have to say, I am really impressed with your drawing! I love that you have picked it up again and this one of you and your friend is so special! The fact that you can bring that exact moment back to life w/a pencil is super cool!

    My sister is an artist too - if you ever get an opportunity I have posted her blog under my BLOG LIST - "THE DIARY OF AN ASPIRING ARTIST"

    I'm connecting your blog to my Blog list now too! :)

  17. the plants look great- you'll have to share any gardening tips!

  18. I never had it with mango, must be interesting :P Your plants are beautiful!

    have a great weekend :)

  19. Love mango! & now want to go & have some breakfast! Connection your blog to mine. stop by and visit http://welldressedcupcakes.blogspot.com

  20. I know what you mean aboiut needing real food to feel satisfied. I can't stand feeling hungry after eating a meal! Great post! Beautiful art! And, good luck with the sleeping thing :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  21. This sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing it. I look forward to seeing you at What's On the Menu Wednesday this week. Happy Spring

  22. I believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day especially a hearty one like that!
    Loved your plants too..

    US Masala

  23. Oh my gosh...you are an AMAZING artist. I wish I could draw...

    That breakfast looks soooo good, I love my eggs cooked exactly like that.

    Cannot wait to see those strawberries all grown up :-)

  24. thats quite a hearty breakfast. You say you cant draw? ?!??!!?

  25. hearty breakfast indeed!! it looks delicious <3


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