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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vegetable Soup ;

i know ive been a bit laggy with the food updates,
ive been a bit under the weather lately,
which gives an excuse to make soup, right?
Vegetable Soup
its really simple to make
Recipe ;
- 2 large tomatoes peeled & halved
- 1 small onion quartered.
- 1 cup chicken or beef broth
- 1 carrot, sliced into small pieces
- 1 clove garlic
- 1 cucumber peeled & halved
- 1 tbs olive oil
- salt & pepper to taste
(When it comes to recipes like this, you can get
really creative with it, feel free to use any sort of
your favorite vegetables & herbs for this soup.)
Place everything in a large pot, and boil until all
veggies are tender. Carefully, pour into your blender,
& blend until smooth.
Ah ..
words cant describe how nervous the news makes me. .
i live 15 minutes away from our nearest beach, and the "Redondo Beach" they're referring to is less than an hr drive away from my home.
So besides this earthquake / tsunami warning 
AND the radiation that MIGHT be coming our way;
it seems im in a pickle.
i really hope this is all media bull shit,
& this "ring of fire" pattern stops before it hits California.

SOooo, to get my mind off a few things,
ive decided to pick up drawing again,
but damn, i havnt held a pencil in years.. and ive lost my touch.
oh well... practice makes perfect right?
oh god, i hope he doesnt get
offended when he sees this.
i havnt drawn in 5 years!

haha !
my next attempt will be my best friend Tiffany. ♡


  1. Oh My! what a perfect colored dish for Holi - Beautiful soup - you know me - I am going make this but sub the beef broth from veggie broth ;))
    Lovely soup, dear - Happy Holi Dear

  2. Your soup looks gorgeous! Hope you feel better soon! I used to live in San Diego and still have a lot of friends on the West Coast so I know what you mean...btw your drawing is really good!

  3. holy shit, that's awesome! completely unoffended... it makes me look good. when did you... take that? or... start... that drawing? o_O

  4. *take the picture to base the drawing off of

  5. You're very good at drawing...!! I used to draw a lot too when I was younger, but I have stopped doing so for years, which is a pity indeed. Your vegetable soup has got gorgeous colour, yum...:)!!

  6. wow...soup looks so delicious and so colorful! everytime I see one of your recipes seems like I'm looking at a painting !

  7. You are very good at drawing and making this vibrant fresh soup too!

  8. thank you all for the positive feed back,

    & kevin, who says this drawing is you?!
    its JOHNNY DEPP , mr conceited ...
    i took the snap shot of you during one of the days you fell asleep during a movie,
    this picture isnt more than 2 months old?
    anyway, it was a very quick sketch, took only 5 hrs. i was originally going to do a charcoal based drawing.. but i realized i lost my squishy gray eraser, but attempted to do the drawing anyway with a regular eraser.. but once at the halfway mark, i got too frustrated and quit. and decided to re-do the drawing on white sketching paper, using graphite pencil, buuuuut... with the lack of my "black sketch" pencil, the picture looked faded... so i had to mess around with the contrast on photoshop to give it a bit more dimension.
    anyway over all, this picture isnt great and i know that, but im hoping ill get more practice in and then ill re-do a picture of you in the near future.

    i apologize for making you look sickly with black lip-stick, haha!
    i wish i took some time to shade in the pillow, because it looks like your face got cut off by a black hole.... awkwardddd.....

    anyway, hopefully i can regain my hand for art, soon.

  9. Your drawing is absolutely beautiful, you're so talented! The vegetable soup sounds really delicious too, and healthy :)

  10. my lips have ALWAYS been pretty dark... it's really a very accurate drawing, and this is coming from someone who sees that person in the mirror every single day. :)

    anyway, i really do love it, and if i could get it one day, you'd make my decade. ...don't send it by mail, though, those freaks at the post office will destroy it in shipping. i friken hate those guys.

  11. ...one thing i should mention, though, i always thought i'd look a LOT uglier sleeping. you're definitely missing drool drops and insane bed head.

  12. Hope you'll feel better soon.
    The soup sounds delicious. Love the bright colors.
    the drawing is so good, you're so talented.

    have a wonderful weekend

  13. I love your art and your soup. God bless and good luck with the whole earthquake warning stuff. You're absolutely right, to look for the happiness, the beautiful things in such times as these. **hugs** Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  14. thank you all once again for all the compliments, you guys always make me feel wonderful! haha

    kevin, those lips are NOT yours, neither is that face shape, dont feed me your lies!
    aaanyway, there is no way im sending you this sketch.. nah uh.
    maybe the 2nd drawing u can have but def. not this one..
    i was like.. 80% on the verge of ripping it apart but then i saved it to take a quick snapshot of my embarrassing drawing just to post it up to look back and see the before & after of it.

    haha.. i was considering to use a different picture of you.. one you would probably consider "embarrassing" , and your mom & i would find "cute". buuuut, maybe ill use that one for the 2nd drawing, haha
    & no its not the gangster photos.
    curious ? muhaha.

  15. what the hell... how many pictures of me do you HAVE, you creeper?! ...the gangster photos were badass, but they'd probably scare my mom. :s

    ...and why the hell would you rip that apart?! why do you hate everything i love? >:(

  16. ...and don't make your next one TOO much better... you've already made me feel embarrassed about the portrait of you i drew with THIS drawing.

  17. i am not a creeper!
    anyway, dont act like you mind either.

    and no, you actually POSED for this one. so ha .

    i think youre mom would disown you for bringing dishonor and humiliation to the family, if she saw your gangster photos.
    just like your pancakes..... ouch.

    i told you to draw me the way you see me in your eyes, and u draw me like a retarded troll, thanks a . LOT .

  18. I CAN'T DRAW! i tried, though, i swear. :(

    ...ahhh, i think i know which one it is, then... wait, it's embarrassing? maybe i don't know... and those pancakes were friken delicious. if YOU people can't look past their hideous outter appearance, and into their delicious, chocolatey souls, then i just feel sorry for you guys. society today's too caught up on appearances... it's a damn shame.

    ...i completely agree about the gangster photos, though.

    ...also, i don't mind. you're the best little creeper there ever was. i'm sure i was honored, if i was conscious.

  19. They predicted another earthquake for Christchurch today, still 5 hours to go... I have spoken with my in-laws who live there, they are prepared, and somehow... used to it!

    In regard to my rain water soup (hehehehe) actually we live n a rain forest so all our water comes from the roof of the house!

    The purple beans from the yellow pods are a good surprise too :-).

    But I see that you made a good veggie soup too!


  20. hope you are feeling better now, that lovely soup should have made you feeling better!

  21. Media can drive you crazy I agree. This soup has a beautiful color and I am sure it will help you recover faster!

  22. sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, I know the feeling. Yes the news and the media is depressing...I just keep thinking positive thoughts and saying prayers!

    Your drawing is out of this world amazing! KEEP DOING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Hey Stephanie, the drawing is really good! :) Can't imagine how much more incerdible can it be! Lovely dish to perk up on sicky days~

  24. Thanks a lot for giving me my first blog award..your give away was a lucky one for me I think..i got another one from another blogger and it is a great pleasure for me to give you that lovely blog award..you deserve it dear.

  25. healthy delicious soup looks wonderful

  26. I totally love the vibrant colors your dishes have . Its a pleasure to see them every time I visit your site :)

    US Masala

  27. beautiful dish! reminds me of spring=) I live close to Redondo so its pretty crazy! Oh btw you won my giveaway..send me an email and i'll send you the details! have a wonderful day!

  28. Just stay positive. I'm hoping CA will be fine. I think your drawing is really nice! Hope you feel better soon!

  29. Hey! I just emailed ya the details for the giveaway! Have an awesome day!

  30. Most colorful vegetable soup i have seen:) Just in time for the spring!!!!

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    Just stumbled here.
    This blog is wonderful.

    FOllowing you.

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