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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Food LOLs ;

All my fellow blogging friends are older than 18, so it seems okay to post a few Food Funnies that do contain some sexual content.
all out of humor though, so no harm, haha.
i found some of these to be ridiculously funny and i laughed till my stomach hurt.
The video is from YouTube, called "Macho Salad"
(its not in english, i believe its in swedish actually.)
& the conversational texts are from a website called "DamnYouAutoCorrect.com"
its basically conversational errors caused by auto-correct
during text messages. most of these are from the iphones.
(Check it out, it made me laugh till i cried.)
You Want Jalapenis with that?
Awkward Love
Masturbating Cherries
Baby Pirates with Garlic
Secret Ingredient? Crap.
Really Want Crispy Dick
Lettuce Pants
Lil Wayne Meets Rosemary
Live by the Crack pot, Die by the Crackpot
Eating Slaves with Rachael Ray
Moms Porn

Sexual Shopping
Cooking Boogers
Do Mexican Scrotums contain lead as well?

Grounded Black People
Devils Food

Better Butt Flavor


  1. HAHAHAHA AH you are awesome, these are so hilarious. Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. I really laughed out loud in middle of work! Thank *you* for chasing away Monday blues :)

  3. it was really really hilarious ...loved it..thanks for sharing it !

  4. AHHAHA! Im so glad you shared that! I needed to laugh today! =)

  5. lol.. These postings are so funny.. i could not stop laughing!!! Thanks for sharing with us.


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