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Monday, January 24, 2011

Midnight Snack 2

As said before, on a previous post, i have a habit of eating past midnight.
its not a very healthy habit, i know, but i cant help it.
its been this way since i was little. i couldnt sleep unless i ate~
well tonight i made a simple sandwich, and it ended up tasting delicious!
a fried egg in a sandwich always makes it 10xs better !
A Simple Pastrami Sandwich
ingredients were simple, i didnt feel like taking too much
into making a quick midnight snack, since i was eager to
go back up to my room and finish a movie (The Town;
good movie, i recommend.) But heres the list of ingredients

Recipe ;
- sliced tomatoes
- pepper jack cheese
- fried egg ( i like mine medium)
- lettuce
- pastrami
- mayo
- mustard
- sour dough bread
- pinch of salt over the egg
- pepper
while i prepped the veggies, i put the 2 slices of bread in the
oven for a few mins, just so they`d be toasty & the cheese
would be bubbly & melted.
The only other thing i need to mention is ; Peppering your
mayo after you've spread it over the bread makes it taste
quite different. i LOVE it. try it!
As for the rest of the ingredients, just pile it on like a normal
sandwich & enjoy ~


  1. Damm steff all the stuff u make looks so friggin yummy!
    wy dont mine ever come out like that? :D

  2. aww thanks kim!
    maybe if you wernt drunk all the time you can make pretty food too haha ^ ^ ! <3

    dont worry kim, all the food mixes up in your tummy anyhow (:

  3. gess ur right.. il just mash evrything on a giant plate from now one :D
    yummy yummy food in tummy <3

  4. lol ! mmmm ... burger smoothies~ ...

  5. I wish I had this sandwich this morning at work. It looks mouthwatering.


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