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Monday, January 24, 2011

Epic Food Craves ;

okay, so heres the FIRST FOOD POST, featuring something i didnt prepare myself,
but i just had to post this anyway, because tonight was filled with such yummy food.
---- - - -  -    - 
So, ive been having intense cravings for sushi, bakery breads, & sweet drinks for
the past week.
i swear, i`ve had sushi 3 times in 7 days, and i`ve gone to the bakery to get
Korean Grapefruit Green Tea & bakery breads for atleast 5 of the days, out of 7.
& no ...... im not pregnant . haha !
---- - - -  -    - 
But since last night, ive been reallyyyyy craving Pho as well.
so after i picked-up my little brother from his kick-boxing class, i took him along on my food journey.
(he was completely stoked to go, btw)
Heres what we ate :
- Small bowl of Pho for me & a large for him. $13.00 (Pho Bac Ky)
- Revolving sushi $11.00 (Kula Revolving Sushi Bar)
- 2 Blueberry cream bread & Korean Grapefruit Green Tea $5.00 (85 degree bakery)
Having a great time with your little bro ? Priceless .
(okay well actually the total was around $30s + tips.
but thats not bad at all! )
Pho Veggies
 i always ask for extra lemon & sliced onions,
which i drizzle with sriracha sauce

(im in love with that stuff)
My Bowl of Pho (Craving #1)
i order the regular Pho Tai ( rare steak), with the meat on
the side. i add a ton of lemon & sriracha on the meat &
soup, finishing off with a handful of bean sprouts
& basil leaves~ ahh, perfection in a soup bowl .
The Perfect Spoonful
i usually dip my raw steak into my hot soup for a few
seconds before i eat it with a big spoonful of noodles, soup,
& onions. YUM !
Revolving Sushi (Craving #2)
i love this place, i mean, the sushi isnt the BEST but its
definitely good enough, and each plate is only $2 !
Tuna ( My Favorite )
eh, i like tuna. simple, good ol` tuna. its not that im
close-minded towards the more exotic sushi plates,
but tuna just always came out on top, for me~
Did i ever mention my dad owns his own sushi restaurant?
haha yep, hes the owner & chef in Richmond, Virginia .
he owned a few restaurants here in cali as well~

i miss HIS sushi.. 
the spicy tuna salads & salmon skin hand-rolls he
use to make for me ; yumm.
Crunchy Rolls (my little bros favorite)
Daniel tends to enjoy the more sweeter rolls, while i like
 the raw & more savory sashimi types.
we had a ton of fun laughing at each other, from the super
spicy wasabi that they serve here.
Wooooo weeee~
it definitely made my eyes water & nose burnnn .
Finished Plates
haha we finished 6 plates, because we still had to
save room for my 3rd craving!
Blueberry Bread
these are super popular at the 85 bakery. some people are
even willing to wait the 25mins for a fresh batch to come
out. and this place is ALWAYS packed.. lines that reach
past 4 neighboring stores. totally worth it.
Sweet Breads & Tea (Craving #3)
im addicted to this bakery, especially their
Korean Grapefruit Green Tea (cold). yum!
it was a great way to end the night.


  1. It seems that you enjoyed your meal a lot. Thank you for following me. I am following back.

  2. i wanted KFCCCCCCCCC!


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