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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Domo-Kun Bento box ;

Domo-kun ; is a "strange animal that hatched from an egg",
with a large saw-toothed mouth that is locked wide open, he
speaks in low-pitched grunts.
He loves eating Potato-stew, but has a strong hatred for apples,
due to an unexplained mystery in his DNA. & passes gas
repeatedly when nervous or upset.
haha !
i`ve been wanting to make a bento of Domo for awhile now,
& after a trip from Las-Vegas, i was inspired, & ready to handle
the deep-fryer ! quite litterally ~
Domo-kun !
Frankie won the 2 Domo dolls in back, at Circus-Circus;
(a hotel in Vegas, that has a carnival game room,
where you play & compete to win dolls as prizes.)
The tiny cubed Domo at the bottom, was given to me
years ago, by him as well~
Domos (Box #1) breaded & fried pork cullet (recipe below)
along with curry & rice.
Box #2 : (Left portion) upside-down stemless button
mushrooms with peas, leafy greens, & half cut boiled egg.
(Right) ; arrangement of tomato slices & apples.
& a side serving of Tuna Salad.
Recipe ;
- 2 pork cullets
- 2 large eggs, beaten
- 2 cups bread crumbs
- garlic powder, salt & pepper for seasoning
- 1 cup flour
- large frying pan or fryer
- & just enough vegetable oil to submerge the pork slices.
Season the pork with the garlic powder, salt and pepper, &
let it sit for a minute. Place the pork in the bowl of flour &
bread them completely. Then, gently(one at a time) place
them in the bowl of beaten eggs, be sure that all sides have
been covered. Now, bread each one with the crumbs & fry!
Be sure the oils hot, and flip them to be evenly browned on
both sides.
i recommend eating these lovies with tonkatsu sauce or
some home made curry & rice ~


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