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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Big F#%k You ;

Theres a certain someone whos been getting on my nerves lately.
hiding behind the word "inspiration" when the REAL crime is plagiarism .
Any real artist could tell you that any art form in its entirety includes
its medium, as well as its message.
Bottom line? Art is PERSONAL.
Dont hide behind the word "inspiration", when INSPIRATION is just gaining an idea,
As as ARTIST it should be your job to change that idea in a way that
makes it uniquely YOURS.
its completely disrespectful to do EXACTLY what the original artist has done,
and to do it in FRONT of their face?! really?
That just makes it easier to question your abilities as an artist,
"is that your own creativity?  or did you steal these ideas from someone else too?"

i cant stretch the fact, how personal art is
Art is a way of expressing ones self, through talent and soul.
Its an idea that comes from within the creator,
and it includes choosing the proper medium for expression,
whether its dance, writing or music.
and because of its intimacy, art in its entirety needs to be respected.

How can anyone lack the basic human decency to respect a
fellow artist's creative process?
if it were me, id honestly be feeling guilty, ESPECIALLY if the original artist
expressed their anxiety towards what i was doing.

This just proves my point that girls are all the same, but then again,
maybe its just because i havnt met the right set of people to change my mind.
Either way, i just needed to let out this rant.
i love blogs. ♥
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Sometimes, plain & simple is the best way to send out a
oh look, a manicured acrylic nail ~


  1. Oh Stephanie.. Always keeping it real.

  2. I completely agree with what you have to say, but also keep in mind of this quote.

    "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

  3. Hey Chris,

    i saw your comment a couple hours ago, but i refrained myself from actually commenting on it right then & there, but decided to actually think about that quote.
    But no matter how i flip it, twist it, or turn it, " imitation " is SUCH an ugly word to me.

    instead of seeing it as a sincere form of flattery, i see it as the ultimate form of laziness .
    i mean, of course people will be INSPIRED by work, but they'll always add their own flare to it.. otherwise why would people bother copyrighting their stuff, & coming up with improved & better ideas, when we can just "flatter" eachother.

    A better form of flattery is admiring, respecting, and giving acclaim to the artist, ... not imitating them.

  4. I love blogs and I love blogging it is a great place to blow off the steam! Good for you!


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