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Friday, February 18, 2011

Astro Boy & Chocolate Covered Strawberries ;

Unfortunately, i have never seen a single episode of Astro Boy in my life,
but it was requested by a very talented Artist ; Arlyn.
Hes an AMAZING artist and creator of  Ogre Shop 
(click the link & check out his amazing work !)
Astro Boy
Requested by & Dedicated to: Arlyn
i hope i didnt mess up on his face too much!
his facial features took me forever to cut out
- insert crying noises here-

So Astro Boy is resting on a mushroom omelet, with a tiny
little heart stuck on a pea. (hoho)
The top left corner is a flowered zucchini sushi roll,
& the right is filled with red onion lace, Peas & Carrot mini
skewers, sliced strawberries & a zucchini checked slice.

  -   -   - - - - -
On another note, this morning i also had a very delicious out-of-the-ordinary breakfast.
Besides devouring Astro Boy, i also made CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES!
They were delicious !
i normally dislike sweets, and i dislike chocolates ..
that is... until my "monthly" comes by, then i get chocolate & sugar cravings..hehe
SOoo, being in the mood for something sweet,
i found a few sad looking strawberries in my fridge, that were on the verge of becoming over-ripe,
i melted some dark chocolate Candy melts & some white chocolate chips & tada!
There were perfect 7 strawberries, just the same amount of house-members i have at home.
so i made one for my 4 younger brothers, my mother & step-dad, they disappeared in seconds!
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
haha you can see the process of me starting off with my
first one the Left,(which looks like total crap).
To finishing off with the far Right one & getting better!
i guess Practice does make perfect, haha

Big-Ass Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Not bad looking for my first time eh? haha
Making these are simple & oh-so-very delicious.

- Strawberries ; Washed  & Dried
- Dark Chocolate Candy Melts
- White Chocolate Chips
slowly melt the Chocolate Candy Melts in the microwave
in 15 second intervals, until completely melted.
Do the same with the white chocolate chips, and spoon into
a corner of a zip-lock bag, cut a TINY bit off the corner,
(you'll be using this to drizzle your berries).
Tip: Wet Strawberries will not allow chocolate to stick,
be sure to dry them off completely with a paper towel
before dipping.
Then Dip, Decorate, let it sit in the fridge for 5 mins


  1. Wow, you dressed the strawberries up pretty well! Fancy! And you`re a great bentoumaker too!

  2. LOVE your choco-covered strawberries! They look so pro Steph!

    and your Astro Boy bento! :O wow, you say you screwed up his face, but he looks really close to the real thing! looks great :D

  3. I love the strawberries. They looked perfectly covered!''Have a great week end :)

  4. Your strawberries are BEAUTIFUL! Yay for new bloggy friends!!! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  5. OOO those look so good. I love chocolate and fruit, especially strawberries!

  6. Aw so cute! I always wanted to make a bento except I'm such a pig I usually would need 2 I think to satisfy my hunger. I really like the Pikachu from the last post too. Man, can I come over for breakfast? There's never anything as fancy or delicious as chocolate-covered strawberries at my place in the morning ;p.

  7. How beautiful! What a special treat!!

  8. So cute! A lovely box and pretty strawberries.



  9. wow...tats an awesome treat to eyes...delicious..
    Tasty appetite


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