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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Thankful Thanksgiving;

Truth be told, im not very close with my own family.
we just cant seem to get along..
i dont spend much time wit them, & i cant even recall the last time
i had dinner with my mom.
or even the last time i even had dinner MADE by my mom.
which is probably how i started cooking on my own.
But ever since i met Frankie,
his family has welcomed me with open arms,
and i have been so blessed since.~
Frankie, his dad, cousin, niece, auntie, mom, myself, Amy (sister), Auntie
his parents are such a wonderful pair ~
His mom tends to buy random trinkets & gadgets that she never uses,
but still insists that i read the manuals for them anyway; from ice-cream churners,
waffle irons, cone makers, individual egg steamers... any random cookware!
She buys a ton of little dolls, hair-clips, accessories, bags, & keychains and she
attaches them to any place she can find, haha! 
shes just an adorable person, whos fun to be around~
Even sitting around watching game shows with her is a joy, served with
corn-on-the-cob (her fav.)  while garnished with random arguments
over the correct answers, to the trivia questions.
& his dad is a totally " hip & happenin` " individual !
He initiates conversations of Frankie's interests,
like tracking cars, work, & tennis. While learning a few curse words from Frankie,
and tries to fuse them into his sentences. (which always makes me laugh)~
He also brainstorms new ideas for his company by involving the development
of car-parts, since Frankie has such a deep passion for cars & the track.
oh and did i mention that he even drinks with Frankie & his friends?
haha, such an awesome dad.
& every other week or so, he tries to have a "cooking day" with me,
and we`d cook together, exchange tips, provide suggestions, and show off by
channeling our inner iron chef skills. BAM !
but even with all these amazing features, the best part about them is
their never ending love for their family.
once in awhile, ill catch a glimpses of them just looking at Frankie in
complete adoration, and it`ll make my heart melt.
Theyre such an interactive, supportive, happy, & generous bunch~
im extremely thankful for them to consider me as one of their own.
i love them all deeply.
This entry is dedicated to them;
it was truly a Happy Thanksgiving !
Our Thanks Giving Dinner!
with Roasted Turkey & Glazed Sweet Ham
My Dog Coco !
hes patiently waiting to eat his ham & turkey
Yummy!  our Roasted Turkey & Glazed Sweet Ham
My Garlic & Bacon Mashed Potatoes!
a favorite among my friends,
& always requested by Frankie`s dad
- Boiled Potatoes (in salted water)
- Drained & Mashed
- Pour in Heavy cream, till desired consistency
- Finely chopped garlic (alot if youre a garlic lover like me)
- a handful of Bacon Bits
- a sprinkle of black ground pepper, & more salt if needed.

"Swedish Potatoes"
This is a recipe from my step-dad
its his "specialty" or atleast, the only thing he can cook
that doesnt come in a box. keke~
Believe me, even if the word" anchovie" sets you off,
you wont even taste them! these potatoes are SO good.
- 5 Peeled & Sliced potatoes (cut french-fry style)
- 2 oz. can of anchovies; cut into tiny pieces.
- one large onion, finely chopped.
- 3/5 of a pint of Heavy Cream
- 1 Cup of Bread Crumbs
- Half a Stick of Butter ; sliced.
- Salt & Pepper to sprinkle.
Butter the bottom of your casserole dish, and layer the
potato slices at the bottom. (enough to just cover it).
sprinkle pieces of anchovies on top, with a sprinkle of
onions on top of that. add a splash of heavy cream
over it all & repeat.
ending with potatoes on top.
add a final splash of heavy cream, sprinkle the bread crumbs on top
and scatter the sliced pieces of butter on top of it all.
& bake at 420 degrees, until potatoes are tender & golden brown.

Adding the Last Dash of Cream
over the potatoes
Finishing with a Sprinkling  of Bread Crumbs
The Final Touch.
adding slices of butter ontop of your bread crumbs

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