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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Santas Workshop ;

So, my mom bought these silly costumes for us, sometime ago last year,
but we havnt gotten a chance to try them out until now.
my brothers were complaining about how "gay this is" and asked me to not
post them up on Facebook, and if i do.. to not tag them on it. haha!
but maybe its because ive gotten older.. but i personally think, it was pretty cute.
My mom bought all of us elf costumes, besides Peter (step-dad) ; he got a Santa
costume, complete with "belly stuffing" to give him a big round jolly stomach.
i asked my mom why she didnt get get a Mrs. Claus outfit, & her response was,
" Noo ! i dont want to be old ! " hahaha ! oh asian moms..
But her response triggered a quote i once heard, from one of my favorite movies,
it was ..
 " Were so arrogant arnt we? we're so afraid of age,
we do everything we can do prevent it, we dont realize
what a privilege it is to grow old with someone " - P.S I Love You 

" P.S I Love You " really is a great & touching movie, i thought it was even better than
"The Notebook " . & i couldnt agree with the quote more.
one day i wish i could be happily married, a successful marriage.
i only plan on getting married once in my life. whether it works out or not ..
ANYWAY! im getting off topic here !  here are the pictures of our silly costumes ~

Momma Elf & Santa ?
Mindy & Peter

Daniel G. , Niklas, Daniel B. , Mom, Mats, Myself, Coco,
& Santa
(yes, i have 2 brothers named Daniel)
Coco Where Are You Sniffing?!
the elves seem unhappy with Santa .. 
Niklas & Daniel in Uneven Proportions
HAHAHA ; funny thing about this picture is ..
Niklas is actually older than Daniel B.
but yet hes the smallest in our family
Seems Like a Kodak Moment 
No one was ready for this picture EXCEPT Coco.
we all looked like crap..
but i still had to post this pic, since coco gave the
biggest frikkin` dog-smile EVER .
Silly Faces with Mom
Pictures with Mom
its sad to say that i havnt sat this close to
my mom in almost 3 years now..
we just cant seem to get along .
but luckily, we were able to make this
Christmas pretty great ~
The Boys
My 4 Younger brothers,
Mats is the oldest (Middle of the three)
then its Daniel G (my blood - brother) (Left)
Niklas (The smallest one)
Daniel B. (the youngest) (Right)

i love them ~

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