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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Gift From Kevin ;

i received a gift from Kevin today ; its a black BENTO BOX ,
with removable compartments & painted oriental designs, on the lid.
i cant wait to use it !
its been awhile since ive made a bento box, and now im stoked to get back into it ~

Oh, and INSIDE the bento box, he included a few thoughtful goodies as well,
- his Night Light ; which hes had ever since he could remember,
knowing that i have an extremely unhealthy fear of the dark..
- a Loonie ; (a Canadian dollar coin) ; for winning a bet against him.
unfortunately, we both cant remember what the bet was now..
- random requested drawings on the back of a 
" S.H.I.E.L.D Psychiatric Evaluation" paper, of Bruce Banner (aka. The Hulk).
(an inside joke between us. hehe)
- & a Letter .
This is what the Bento Box was wrapped in.
haha i would of loved to see Kevin walking around
West Edminton Mall. with this in hand, but he decided
to be a square, and shoved it inside his school bag instead.
The Bento Box 
Filled with letters, drawings, a very special night light,
and a legitly won dollar coin~
with a removable 3-compartment insert.

once again, thank youuu~
& ill promise to take care of it, and use it often for my
future bentos !

1 comment:

  1. awww, i'm glad you liked the gift. :)

    that night light's kept me safe from monsters, ghosts, and tripping in the dark for at least 20 years now... i know how much protection you need from all of those, especially the latter, you clumsy, clumsy weirdo. ;)

    ...also, i was NOT being a square when i tucked the flowery bag into my napsack, i just don't like carrying bags in my hands! if i didn't have my napsack with me, i totally would have carried that flowery bag of awesome with pride (no homo (pride)), and people still would've looked at me in awe of my manliness. hmph. ...it could have definitely used a racing stripe, though... just sayin'.


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