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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pika-two ;

aahh~ Pokemon.
One of my childhood favorites.
i use to watch their shows, collect the cards, and i even dragged my parents
to the theater, when Pokemon the Movie; "Mewtwo Strikes Back"  first came out.
It was all for that holographic Mew card that they were handing out with our tickets.
my dad fell asleep during the movie, and my mom complained about how
lame the movie was, but it was all so worth it for me and my little bro~
(RIP to the original creator of Pokemon; Satoshi TajiriOct 30,2010..)

Bento Box #8: Pikachus & Pokeball
This was my first attempt, but i wasnt satisfied with how
flat this one ended up looking. it lacked volume.
(requested by tommy & wilson)
Bento Box #8 : Pikachus & Pokeball (2nd attempt)
I decided to add a fluffy pile of fried rice, with
clover-shaped pieces of meat & veggies instead !

(requested by tommy & wilson)

i was actually lucky enough to find these tiny
cookie cutters, when i was shopping the other day!
12 pieces for $10 ; not too bad.
these help a lot with making cute cut-outs for my bentos.


  1. OMG looks soooooo good, I think you're getting better and better each time you make a new box keep it up!!! I'll get you that orange soda ♥

  2. glad you were able to use your cookie cutters! :D perfect sizes huh? hehe. looks good stephy~

  3. Stephh..I would totally give you 10 thumbs up but too bad i only have 4 including my toe thumbs..:[ This is so swt of you!! me like!!:D Keeppp up the good work!^^b

    - Wilsonnn

  4. whoa, what did you use for the vegies and seeweed? The cookie cutter isn't that small is it? lol. I don't know how to even start making these... without the cookie cutters. I should give it a try one day though...


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