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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My First Week ;

These were the bento boxes i made in my first week of actually attempting them !
Some of my earlier designs and ideas were inspired by googled images of other
works and characters, with a touch of my own personal twist, ofcourse!
but as i’m becoming more comfortable with creating these, i’m continuously
developing my own style of cooking, texturizing, and detailing techniques,
while brainstorming of what foods would mix well with eachother.
(believe me, its no easy task!)
& at the same time, i’m also improving my own personal ability to think about
interesting and unique themes/designs that would keep my bentos
fun to check-out everytime!
Bentos made from Nov 4, - Nov 12, 2010
Bento Box #1: Egg Ninja & Penguin w/ Bow-tie
this ones the first bento box i`ve ever made !

Bento Box #2: Hello Kitty Curry
yum japanese curry with hello kitty rice?!

Bento Box #3: Sleeping Bear w/ Polka-Dot Blanket
now this one was just way too cute to eat !
inspired by kevin)
Bento Box #4: Totoro w/ Leaf Umbrella & Friend
inspired by the movie ; "My Neighbor Totoro" 
i LOVE the works of Hayao Miyazaki !
if you havnt watched any of his movies, go do it NOW!
Totoro took me almost 2 hours to make..
 remind me to never make gray characters ever again.

Bento Box #5: Jack Skellington & Spam Bear Musubi
inspired by the movie; "Nightmare Before Christmas"
i mean honestly, who DOESNT like that movie?
a total classic.

Bento Box #6: Panda Bears, Mini-Kabobs, & Lessons
okay, this may not be one of my best works, but i did
have alot of fun teaching my baby cousin, how to make
a bento box!
did i mention hes 8 yrs old? 
heres a picture of the mini kabobs we used for
 bento box #6 (above).
its a cube of steak, a half white mushroom,
a baby tomato & a slice of white onion.
all pierced together by a toothpick! so cute.
Bento Box #7 : Egg Chicken in nest, Puppy w/ a Bone,
Pork-Filled Piggy, & Girly Bear
first, id like to apologize for the crappy picture quality.
making these characters took longer than i expected
and along with losing an hr from daylight savings,
the sun went down sooner than expected. thus making
my picture not as bright & vivid as the others.
anyway, the bottom of this Bento is filled with
home-made yakisoba ~


  1. Delumptious! Your handwork make the characters come to life. I'm not sure how you could ever bite into one of these treasures!

    Favs: Totoro, Jack, Egg Ninja, Sleeping Teddy

    Hope to see more soon. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Coming from a chick who just LOVES pigs, your slighty-cannibalistic piggy is EXTREMELY cute.

    And now I feel weird for thinking it looks delicious.


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