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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Appetizer ;

To think, my first word was "mam-ma".. 
& in korean, that could mean one of two things; "mommy" or " food".
my mom probably popped out an egg of joy when i spoke my first word,
but in secret, im sure i was attempting to ask for some nom-ables ~
That being said, my talent seems to be an odd variety of artsy-fartsy things;
-cutting hair (and actually gaining compliments from hairstylists)
-making cards (all handmade, taking hours of work. 
making me spend anywhere from $10-$75)
-graphic designs (which i will be majoring in)
-doing nails
-drawing with pencils (having my art put up in a 
 couple local museums & art shows)
-and, cooking. (to even be considered for hire by a farm&food magazine,
as their free-lance photographer)
So, back to the topic of food.

art & food have always been two separate loves of mine.
i used to just have fun with cooking and trying to take
the perfect picture(s) of everything i made, to post on my facebook.
recently though, my interests started moving beyond just cooking,
and into plating and food designs.
thats when i started to make "bento boxes"
i made my first bento box on nov. 4th, 2010,
and ever since then, ive been hooked
Bentos for me, are a stress-reliever~
Actually cooking in general can be.
creating something that tickles the eyes & the tummy ? how great is that !
especially when you get to see the looks on peoples faces
when they see what you`ve made.
& better yet, love how the food tastes?
its unexplainable bliss~
You could say that my palette for food is adventurous.
i like any sort of food, and im willing to try anything atleast once.
especially when its experimenting with random food.
examples to some of the weird things ive tried are..
mayo dipped pickles, cups of orange juice with floating cheerios pieces,
"balut" (a boiled, fertilized duck egg), "bbundegi" (marinated silkworm larvae),
& i think i`ve accidentally swallowed a gnat before..
The list goes on !
you name it, ill try it.
as Andew Zimmern says : " If it looks good, eat it . "

1 comment:

  1. "If it looks good, eat it."

    And you've got a great eye for showcasing deliciousness, thats for sure!


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